Site Launch



February 14, 2014. It’s snowing. This morning I left home to teach the early a.m. Spinning® class and was psyched to make “first tracks” into Montpelier. The trip was magical-including the more-than-ever hearts scattered all around town by the mysterious (and probably soaked) Valentine Bandit(s). As I write this I am excited to know that I will probably launch my new website on the 15th. Getting up and running has been a process, but working with the best web developer a mom could ask for, and welcoming encouragement and suggestions from family and friends, has been a good process. We are simply going to go ahead and put it out there. Throughout this journey I have learned a little about WordPress and a lot about what I want this site to be. I want it to be about good writing and good artwork. I want it to be a meeting place for my friends and a welcoming space for those who share similar interests, concerns, goals, struggles and accomplishments. I want to welcome all guests in hopes that they will become a part of this amazing community in which we live, work and share so much. I want to play some small part in making a fit, healthy, active lifestyle a habit, a choice, for all of us. I want this to be an organic conversation. I hope you will check out my previous post – written optimistically at the beginning of 2014. Log on now and then to see what’s happening. There are good things on the horizon and change will be a constant for this venture. As it should be.