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Welcome & Happy 2014!

early a.m. from studio

early a.m. from studio

Welcome to  If this is your first visit, don’t make it your last.  Hopefully you and I will travel together the journey to fitness and well-being.  We will share ideas and concerns, successes and doubts, goals and some of life’s small victories along the way.

Recently I read:  “Last is just the slowest winner.”  I really like this.  Sure, it applies to athletic events – races, group practices, and just about anything that has a finish line.  But it is also applicable to the quest for improved fitness, strength gains, aerobic endurance, increased flexibility, changes in body composition, better exercise and nutritional habits.

If you are reading this post, you are most likely interested in how you live your life, how you move through your days, and take ownership of your health to the best of your ability. As each of us chooses to make the most of what we’ve got – eat healthfully, exercise daily, get adequate rest and recovery, stimulate mind and body by taking on achievable challenges – each of us realizes that we are but one of many embarked on similar journeys.

This is not a race.  There is no finite finish line.  The boundaries of our possibilities, our potential, expand as we grow stronger and dare to dream bigger dreams, formulate greater goals and celebrate those victories along the way.

Each of us progresses at a different pace.  But as long as there is progress, there is no “last.”

There is, however, a very definite starting point.  Perhaps you have begun time and time again to swap out bad habits for good ones, to begin again to exercise regularly or to give up those useless foods that sabotage your daily diet.  Perhaps you begin well, but end poorly.  Perhaps it is time to think of wellness as a continuum, a lifestyle, a personal choice that supersedes negative suggestions to act or react in ways that impair rather than nurture.

Today, now, this very minute as you read this post, you are on your own personal road to the destination of your choosing.  Of course there will be obstacles, detours, potholes, wrong turns and breakdowns.  But that need not stop us.  These are only deterrents, not dead ends.  Each challenge we meet makes us stronger and cements our determination to finish.  Each challenge met gives us history and fuels confidence.  There is no “last.”  We can all win in our own time.