About Linda

Linda holds degrees from the Peabody Institute of Music and Johns Hopkins University and was a former faculty member at each.  She is a Certified Movement Training Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Yoga Instructor, (Yoga Alliance, Yoga for Athletes and YIN Yoga), Star3 Certified Spinning® Instructor, Licensed TRX Instructor, NASM Group Personal Training Specialist, and CPR provider.

Based on education, training, and personal experience, Linda enjoys working as a Certified Personal Trainer with individuals dedicated to conditioning, health and well-being as well as meeting performance goals or rehabilitation.   Fitness is a continuing journey that includes a healthy body weight and daily mix of energy and enthusiasm.  Personal Training provides time-saving specificity and effectiveness to each individual.

Hiking covers all bases from family and friends to fitness and well-being.
Camel’s Hump Mountain September 1st, 2017
photo by tara

Linda is equally enthusiastic about Vermont, and sister state Maine, and the many outdoor sports offered to those of fortunate enough to live, work and play in these beautiful states.  Her new-found passion for the practice of Yoga enhances her work with athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Cycling, paddling, hiking and enjoying adventures with her chocolate Lab complete her days and fuel her passions.

With an early background as a classically trained professional dancer and subsequent participation and/or competition in sports including hunter/jumper equestrian events, alpine and nordic skiing, running, paddling, hiking and cycling, Linda brings a wide range of practical experience to her work.

Having formed Linda Freeman Fitness, LLC,  June 1, 2013, Linda has added fitness consultation and corporate fitness to her repertoire of athletic and wellness offerings.  Linda trains clients at her private studio and works with groups at their business sites. 
Linda is dedicated to her clients and classes.  Her personal and professional goals are to share the benefits of health and fitness and to model for her children, grandchildren, friends and community the rewards of an active lifestyle.

Cycling partners-keeping it in the family. KBRide, 2017.